Sunday, September 14, 2014

User Centered Design with Software Engineering Practices

Training Software Engineers in Human Factors
By Neil A. Alan

Most of the world's software is designed and developed by small to medium sized companies.  These companies generally don't value or cannot afford Human Factors experts to come in and perform a fully batter of usability testing on a user interface.  Tucked away in the libraries of UX professionals is this article about teaching software engineers to fish rather than just giving them all the fish they need.  Make usability part of the software engineering process by training software engineers what usability means and how to measure it.

This article by Ahmed Seffah and Eduard Metzker from the Communications of the ACH (December 2004) is a great example of how to meld software engineering practices with User Centered Design.

The Obstacles and Myths of Usability and Software Engineering

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